Welcome to Daisy Button's Clubhouse! Learn about Daisy and her friends. Join them as they hang out together having fun and striving to make a difference in the world.

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Daisy Button Adventures™ is
Engaged Learning With Purpose!
An Adventure Book Series, Digital Curriculum, Interactive Games, Characters' Blog and DB Adventures Club.

Daisy Button Adventures™ is a
Comprehensive Multi-Media
Online Program

that integrates a full-color chapter book, interactive web content, flexible classroom modules and hands-on practical real world experience.

A fun program that is developed to teach to multiple intelligences, especially emotional and inter-personal. Easy access to downloadable lessons and complete student guide materials.

Our program can seamlessly be adapted into various subjects such as language arts, health, social studies, character education, and anti-bullying.

DB Adventures provides the direction and tools for students to Pull Off their own
Real Life Adventure,
whether it be enterprising, socially conscious, or philanthropic.