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Milton Hershey is an Inspiration

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t written here in awhile, but I got caught up in writing a story the last several months and that has taken up all my free time.

But I became very inspired when my parents took me to Hershey Park for Spring Break. We had never been there before and even though I’ve heard of Mr. Hershey, and of course have eaten the yummy chocolate bars he created, I really didn’t know his story.

Milton Hershey was an amazing man! He was a true entrepreneur who started with nothing, and even went broke four times More >

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National Geographic Emerging Explorer

In previous posts I have highlighted adults who are making a difference, and in this post I wanted to share information about Barrington Irving. He became the youngest person and first African American to go around the world by flight. The difference is he did it in a plane which he built himself from donated parts — at 23 years old!

Years later he has founded a non-profit called Experience Academy, where Mr. Irving is teaching young people to accept “no limitations.” His 4 year old program encourages students to follow their interests in science, math, engineering and technology. More >

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Steve’s Camp at Horizon Farms

Since we are all focused on summer camps, I just read an article about a man, Steven Kessner, who grew up in the Bronx, New York City, went to Dartmouth College and later became a successful real estate developer.

He remembers not knowing there was another world outside of the concrete confines of the city. Launched in 2010, Steve created Steve’s Camp at Horizon Farms to ‘Pay It Forward’ and help bright children from under served communities from New York City break out and meet their potential. Steve says he immediately knew Horizon Farms was the place to plant More >

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Framing Hope Donation Program

Page, I have to say that I have been just as busy since we got out of school, to write any blog posts. It has been fun doing Beach Club activities at the lake this summer, and going away on vacation with my parents!

But the recent posts by everyone got me motivated to share a partnership between the Home Depot Foundation and the non-profit Gifts in Kind International.

The article I read about got me thinking about the items that were donated for our Community Garden Project, and how other groups could benefit from this program, if they More >

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